Professional Delivery & Installation

In Home Delivery Service

Roaring Fork Furniture delivery service is only for delivery of new furniture.  Our professional delivery team will deliver your new furniture in our trucks, blanket wrapped to ensure you the highest level of professionalism.  All of Roaring Fork Furniture's delivery staff are employed by Roaring Fork Furniture.


Time of Delivery

Our furniture delivery service is available to our clients 5 days a week.  We will always contact you to arrange the delivery during your most convenient date and time.  We make every effort to ensure your delivery will happen within a two hour time window. For scheduling please call: 970-945-8321


Delivery Services

Please have the area where we will be placing your new furniture cleared, cleaned and prepared for your new furniture to be installed.


To ensure your satisfaction, our delivery team will unpack, detail and perform a quality assurance inspection of your new furniture before we put your furniture on the delivery truck.  


If your home is not accessible for our truck, you will be responsible for providing transportation from our truck to your home.

Even though our staff performs a detailed inspection before it leaves our warehouse, it is your responsibility to inspect each item for damages of defects.  If damages or defects cannot be repaired by our delivery staff, it may be necessary to return the item to our distribution center for servicing.  Our customer service department will contact you to schedule a service call to correct the problem to your satisfaction.


Installation & quality assurance

The Roaring Fork Furniture delivery team will perform the following services:


Heavy furniture and wall units have a tendency to settle into carpet.  Some future leveling may be necessary on your part.


C.O.D Deliveries

Roaring Fork Furniture delivery staff are authorized and required to collect all money due upon delivery.  Please make certain you are prepaid or pay at time of delivery, Make arrangements to have C.O.D. payments available for the driver if you are writing a check. If payment agreement is not made at time of delivery nothing will be delivered.  If payment is not in the full amount of the agreement, our drivers are instructed to return the merchandise to our warehouse until payment is made.  


Acceptable Payment Methods for C.O.D.

If delivery is outside of our normal delivery area, or directly to customer's home, payment in full needs to be made in advance. Also, if the furniture is going to be stored in our warehouse, your order must be paid in full when the order is placed.


Delayed Deliveries

If you need more time for the furniture to be delivered, we will securely store your furniture in our warehouse for 30 days at no charge.  If storing of your furniture is needed beyond 30 days, payment in full must be made for Roaring Fork Furniture.  If storing of your furniture goes beyond 60 days, you may incur additional fees.

We offer professional delivery and installation on all the furniture we sell. Our "white-glove" service ensures your furniture arives in perfect condition and installed to manfactures warranty and the furniture is placed exactly where you want it.